Day 1

IMG_1296.JPGDay 1
We (my partner and I) are ready to be parents! We are new van lifers utilizing the last leg of our masters & doctoral programs to do adventurous things we won’t have much desire to do when we have children. The next 60 days, I will be tracking my weight loss journey as it relates to having kids.
What am I doing?
1) 60 min daily walks with my future baby daddy.
2) Documenting our ancestor’s stories via, so our children never have to search for the stories and history of their people as I did.
3) Sharing my journey as my families herbalist
4) Learning about & discussing topics such as weight loss, fertility, food injustice, inter/generational trauma, binge eating, Black Maternal Mortality, spirituality, and much more.
I have no structure
I just feel led by my creator and ancestors to document this journey as I have documented so many others.
I am thankful
I feel so held up by those who came before me
I feel so held up by my Mama, my Mother in love,  my partner, and most of all myself
My why?
1) This is for us…Ace… an outward reflection of our love for one another and children (we both are life long k-12 educators/teachers)
2) This is for our elders/ancestors who are ready for Grandbabies.
3) This is to make sure I have someone to pass me the remote…jk…this is because I am muddaa truck’n ready to be someones Mama
4) And last but not least…This is for the women who have filled my inboxes the past year with stories of miscarriages, infertility, postpartum depression, grief, and shame. .
I have not experienced infertility nor a miscarriage, but I know if I did,  I would never want to feel alone, isolated, or ashamed of something that most, if not all, of my friends, family, and community have experienced.
These issues concerning secret shame as it relates to childbearing & womanhood is so normalized in our cultures and communities.
Spiritually I believe shame is a blockage
I will not carry shame nor normalize the fear that is related to a woman’s ability or inability to carry, bring to full term a child or raise a child…..
Heres to vulnerability
& saying no to shame

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