The work & wait was worth it!

A gentle reminder that whatever you are waiting on and working on will be worth it!

My love picked lemons from our lemon tree as summer ended.

I preserved the lemons three weeks ago.

It took 24 hours to preserve the lemons and 30 minutes to enjoy a few wheels/slices…

I placed one lemon wheel in hot tea.

I placed another lemon wheel in a cocktail.

The work and preserving wait were all so worth it. These lemon wheels have so much flavor. We have lemons for drinks, soups, and stews all fall and winter.

It’s also a plus not to have wasted fruit in the backyard.

For years, I swore, “I’m gonna finally use this year’s lemon harvest,”

Each year, projects







content creation

& life would fill my schedule!

We would use one or two lemons; some critters in nature would enjoy a few, and the rest would fall to the ground and begin to decompose by fall.

This year, we saved and used the lemons together.

While this was not a giant tree or harvest, we are one step closer to using all the fruit that grows in our backyard.

Next year, I hope this teamwork helps us to pick and preserve more of our fruit and be able to gift some to our teacher friends.

Thankful for all summer gifted us and all that fall has to teach us.

The spring/summer houseplant growth spurts have been so beautiful to witness this year! More on this later this fall!

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  1. What a feeling of accomplishment sis! Growing it all and then using it and preserving. Beautiful.. happy winter 🤍

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