Growing things….

Y’all, why am I growing lettuce indoors? A few types of lettuce at that.

Hopefully, in a year, I can give my review of lighting systems, grow systems, and more. Right now, I’m just gently challenging myself to try and grow some food indoors. No pressure; I just want to enjoy it and document what I’m learning weekly. As a houseplant mom and porch gardener, I know a little about seeds and mother nature teaming up to humble us with their bounty and unpredictability.

Pretty much find me at the farmers market selling these next week lol jk
(some of my lettuce and cherry tomatoes)

I’m excited to challenge myself to grow my own salads over the next 60 days. I just completed another 60-day challenge which was focused on me getting in a gallon of water daily. While the last 60 days, I was not perfect, most days with my water..I got in a gallon. I started this challenge as a way to end the hot summer and ease into fall. As it gets colder, I find it harder to stay hydrated and get in my water.

I ended my last 15 days on the gallon-a-day challenge by focusing on putting more hydrating foods on my plate that can help me avoid being dehydrated all fall lol. The water challenge led to me growing hydrating greens, vegetables, and salads.

Growing house plants from seeds has been one of my favorite ways to step away from research, content, and computers. I’m working on my first research study since completing my doctoral program and I’m excited to use my garden to find balance.

I’ll share more photos of all the house plants I have been growing as the weeks go on, and maybe soon, I can send some plant cuttings out to a few friends and family who want to grow their own. Let me know in the comments if y’all would like that.

As it gets colder I will be testing new lights for my salad garden and tropical house plants.

I have no set plan but to simply grow food and write. I hope this garden and blog will be another outlet I use to document my self-care practices and monthly challenges.

Look how much the lettuce has grown in a few days compared to the last photo.
Plants are extremely powerful and are my gentle reminder to take everything, especially growth, day by day.
I have a larger set of greens that I planted recently, and these babies have already started sprouting

Using the little Ive learned as a house plant mom, and my knowledge from a few successful summers spent growing collards greens on our porch, hopefully, I will soon be sharing some yummy salads I have grown. Cheers to staying hydrated this fall and winter with cups of water and via our plate.

I’m taking care of myself this week by growing greens, lettuce, and tomatoes in between work & life. How are you taking care of yourself this week?

Dr. Kennedy-Epstein

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  1. This really seems like a very exciting and calming hobby. Can’t wait to see a picture of a final beautiful salad with all your home grown ingredients.

  2. I love how beautiful the plants are, and I had never known before that there was more than one type of romaine. I love romaine! Plants let you think about the gift of life, and you have the gift to make them flourish. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Hugs. Mother Kitty 🐱

  3. So cool. I think this is a great way to use your time. It’s both relaxing and will have some bomb lettuce growing.. And it’s good for the environment. Just to think if more people grew their own food. Go baby so proud of you.

  4. This is awesome! I’m interested in reading and seeing the process of growing while you’re utilizing different lights. Do you taste any difference between your homegrown lettuce/greens vs store bought?

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