…crowded lettuce and homemade kombucha

Celebrated the first day of Scorpio season by planting some sunflower seeds indoors in honor of my Grandmothers.

Now….about my vegetable garden!! So much growth!!!! Not enough to harvest, though.

As I’m waiting for my lettuce and other veggies to grow I’ll practice my patience the next 60 days and get in a daily hour walk.

Today is day 4 for me. It’s currently 3am here. By 4:30am I shall be on my treadmill with hubby seated next to me preparing IEPS for his students.

My hope is that I will have enough time after my walk to make us some breakfast. I’m craving greens and ugali (sorta like a fine version of grits..but African). If you follow me on Facebook, look out for the photos of what I make to be posted this week.

It will be dope to make this dish in a few weeks and hopefully use greens from my garden. I say this every day when I prepare a meal with greens or lettuce lol.

I wake up every day running to look at how fast my lettuce and greens are growing. If I’m not careful, I’ll eat most of the tiny microgreens before they are fully grown into full leaves and lettuce, lol.

Thankfully my daily walks will give me something to do until harvest. Cause, at this point, there’s not much to do but wait.

Thank you to everyone who checked out my blog post last week about my fall and winter garden. If you haven’t already, check it out.

https://theplussizevegan.com/2022/10/17/growing-things/: …crowded lettuce and homemade kombucha

Below are some photos of this week’s growth and an update on how my homemade kombucha is doing.

Everything looks great, but I def planted way too many seeds in this section. My tomatoes are taking some light from a few romaine plants. However, all of my new greens (photos of the plants with tags way down below) are all doing well and not overcrowded.

My tomatoes are taking up so much space

Below are some photos of how things looked earlier late last week.

My greens are starting to sprout as well and are not as crowded as my first section of seeds.

After a few weeks, I finally placed my homemade kombucha in jars to sit for a few more days for carbonation! Below are some photos of me preparing the first batch and jarring it again for increased carbonation.

I have saved over 20 empty jars of store-bought kombucha. I have always wanted to make my own, so every time I spent money on some kombucha, I would save the jar. I’m using my own jars and one of the store-bought jars. I’m wondering if the carbonation will be different depending on the jars and color (Kombucha does well in dark spaces).

I’ll let you know next week about which jars came out the best.

(I added fruit to aid in the last carbonation days for this batch)

I’m taking care of myself this week by walking an hour daily, making homemade kombucha, growing greens, growing crowded lettuce, and growing tall tomato plants.

How are you taking care of yourself this week?

Dr. Kennedy-Epstein

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