..My Weekly Garden Highlight Photos

Romanticized some smoothies with a few edible flowers from the garden.

Happy Valentine’s Day to those who celebrate.

Rather it’s your lover or the self-love you are cultivating for yourself, may we all feel an abundance of love today and every day.

* I took the leftover smoothie in the blender yesterday and made two smoothie pops for us to enjoy last night. Super sweet.

Happy Thursday!

Randomly checked on my jalapeños yesterday. I’m so happy to see they are doing great and have seemed to triple in size💕

Just ten days ago I showed you the tiny jalapeños making their debut from their flowers.

Im used to these being a slow grow since October so I don’t check on them often.

These jalapeños, the first section of cherry tomatoes and my sweet peppers have taken the longest to produce.

Crossing my fingers that my sweet peppers join the growth party soon. 👩🏾‍🌾🙌🏾

Happy Saturday. 💕👩🏾‍🌾

My edible Nasturtium flowers have started to bloom fully.

The thing about this spicy plant is that you can eat the beautiful leaves as well. Their leaves taste reminds me of arugula and they physically look like something a mini frog would hang out on.

The shape of these flowers is so interesting. The back of the flower almost looks like the helmet of some out-of-space creature. Def excited to harvest some and try this in a salad for Sunday’s dinner. 💕👩🏾‍🌾

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  1. I love that type of flower!! And your photography for all your plants is so well done that the colors just pop out!

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