Name a song: Closer by Goapele #1

Ive been writing down the names of songs that my friends say help boost their mood. I created a playlist with those songs, and hope to add more.

Today I listened to song #1, which is Closer by Goapele

This song brings back memories of high school. This song reminds me to dream and visualize.

Goapele’s voice is heavenly, soft yet firm in this mantra.

This song reminds me of us high school kids banging the beat on a desk or lunch tables.

I distinctly remember this song was played on smooth groove jazz stations and blasted in cars and scrappers throughout the town by the youngins. Such a classic song that makes me and my homegirls do a praise dance and “put a look on our face like we smell some…” IYKYK

Thank you so much, Eric Reed for sharing more than one song and helping me add to this playlist. I really appreciate it.

Would you like to add a song to this playlist? Name one or two songs you listen to in order to boost your mood in the comments or my inbox.

Add a song, and ill share the link to the playlist as well ❤

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