Name a song: Teena Marie – Square Biz (Released: 1980)#2

Ive been writing down the names of songs that my friends say help boost their mood. I created a playlist with those songs, and hope to add more.

Today I listened to song #2 Teena Marie – Square Biz (Released: 1980)

I kept saying out loud while this song played…”I just know our elders were partying up a storm when this dropped”. lol.

I grew up on a lil Teena Marie from the older women around me so im familiar with this song……But today it felt new.

The breakdowns in this song are nasty (nice).

Talk about getting your money’s worth on a record. The song is 6 minutes long and that is not a complaint at all. I can imagine folks running home to this record after a long day at work and just gigging.

This song is a “we at a kids bday party but it’s really the adult’s party” song.

Play this, and let me know if you dance. I’m playing it now as I type this, and my shoulders aint stopped moving, and I have an unmoveable stank face due to how funky and live this record sounds.

I love a good back-and-forth dialogue and a funk breakdown. I also loved the short rap break part in the song as well.

Yall know I love me some Maya Angelou; I was super surprised to hear Teena mention her as well as Nikki Giovanni in this song. Teena Marie says

“You know I love spirituals and rock

Sarah Vaughn, Johann Sebastian Bach

Shakespeare, Maya Angelou

And Nikki Giovanni just to name a few”

Thank you so much, Baylove, for sharing more than one song and helping me add to this playlist. I really appreciate it.

Would you like to add a song to this playlist? Name one or two songs you listen to in order to boost your mood in the comments or my inbox.

Add a song, and ill share the link to the playlist as well ❤

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